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Our inquisite chooks, Martha, Victoria, Jemima and Queenie
More information on our popular chicken keeping courses.

Chickens are delightful and educational for both children and adults alike. Once bitten by the chicken bug you are likely to become a chicken person for life.

Spend an enjoyable half day with us on our friendly courses to learn how to keep chickens the right way in order to keep your chickens happy and healthy and producing those exceptionally delicious eggs for you. If you get their conditions right they will reward the care you give by the gift of plenty of eggs. If you get it wrong you can spend hours struggling to keep them clean and healthy. Yes you can do your research on the internet but lots of it is conflicting and wrong and some of it darn right dangerous. Nothing will substitute for the expert tuition and ongoing support you will receive when you visit us. We are experts and we are more than happy to help you on your chicken keeping adventure.

You can make a lot of expensive mistakes with your equipment as we have done in the past. We have been on the quest for chicken cleaning enlightenment and we have seen the light. You can buy cute, twee or funky and fashionable little houses that are a nightmare to clean and we can help you avoid them. Chicken keeping should be enjoyable - not a chore - or time consuming.

You will get to meet all our own chickens and also probably quite a few young chicks at various ages. Archie and Cookie the Amazon parrots will also be available for "interview" if they are feeling in a good mood. Cookie might even nod or comment some of his own pearls of wisdom in appreciation.

Even people who already have chickens are finding lots to learn on our courses. Our full foundation chicken keeping course runs for a full 3 hours and we are in no hurry to push you out at the end. Ask as many questions as you like. Our aim is that you will leave us happy and very confident in your own abilities and to spot any issues with health before it becomes too late to help. Booking HERE

View our glowing Testimonials Page of which we are very proud. If you need to ask a question before you book please contact us here

All birds are more complex than you might imagine. They are expert at hiding the true extent of their illnesses so they avoid the attention of predators. Our courses are designed to help you spot, diagnose, and treat illnesses. How to clean correctly, what products to use and most importantly how to clean quickly and efficiently. The best drinkers and feeders. What you can and can't feed. How to choose your chickens. Which types are best. How to avoid unscrupulous breeders selling you unhealthy or even old birds. How to avoid pests and predators. How to safely handle a chicken without stressing it. Chicken anatomy and what goes where. How to interpret the chicken language and other chicken behaviour. Legal requirements. Cleaning, storing and selling your eggs. What to do when your chickens moult. How to deal with a broody hen.

FULL FOUNDATION COURSE - £40.00 (half day)
Our full course lasts half a day and is an in depth foundation to chicken keeping. This course includes refreshments and full binder of notes for reference to take away with you. As we go through a lot of information and handle lots of questions, you should allow time for an overrun.

Space on our courses is limited to a maximum of 8 people so we can give you individual attention. Our list of upcoming courses is listed by clicking on the link below to our booking system. Any queries about the courses can be sent by Clicking HERE. The current dates are Saturdays or Sundays with the odd Thursday evening but if we can get enough people (minimum of 2) we can run the course on any day so if you get a group of people together we can run a special day for you.

We have now done courses for many individuals who are keeping chickens at home, we have taught some schools and day-nurseries also in the art of chicken keeping. We have even had a vet on our courses. It seems that these days everyone is either thinking of..or wanting to go ahead and keep chickens. Speaking as one who is completely smitten by these creatures, you wont regret it. They are a pet who rewards you for the care you give and I cant think of any other pet that sorts breakfast out for you!!

Many thanks for reading this and we look forward very much to meeting with you as you set off on this rewarding and engaging hobby.

We also are able to supply chickens and other equipment and supplies on the day too and are able to take debit card payments for your convenience.

Please visit our booking website for course dates.