Thursday, 26 September 2013

Chucky Heaven

We have just taken delivery of a batch of eggs all the way from Ireland. They are hybrids of the highest calibre. They have been selectively bred to produce top notch egg laying ability (300+ eggs in their first year) whilst at the same time looking fabulous in the garden or smallholding. Once they hatch I will be posting pictures for you all to see how cute they will be.

They are to be a Blue chicken, an Amber, a Sussex and a Rhode Island Red x Sussex or in other words a Buff Blacktail. If you would like to put your name down for some of these little darlings please use our contact form at the bottom of this blog page or email HERE  They are sure to be extremely popular so be quick.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

New Chicken Keeping Course Dates

Big News!!
We have added a few more dates just to keep us ticking over until January next year. I know.....January already. Sorry folks. I don't know if its my age. Alright then, it is my age, but this year has flown so much I think I have missed most of it, or forgotten it. Either could be true at this stage.

Our new dates are:
Sat and Sun 26th and 27th October
Sat and Sun 23rd and 24th November
Sat 14th December
Sat and Sun 11th and 12th January 2014!!!

Our new booking system is also now on line and easier to use. Click HERE to book.
Read our Testimonials page to see how we are doing.

Come and join us to learn all about chicken keeping and avoid expensive pitfalls. As a bonus, you get to enjoy our homemade Lemon Drizzle Cake and Cream Scones as part of our Cream Tea.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Updates On the Girls

Wilson Betty and Keppel
Its always nice to see how my girls are doing. I still think of all the hens I sell as my girls. I shouldn't ....but I do. I like to see how they grow and how they look when they blossom into beautiful hens. 

I also love to hear how their new owners feel about them. 

There is one thing for sure, chickens certainly get under your skin. Everyone who has them seems to love them immensely. That is why I am probably a self-confessed addict. Now I breed my own, I have to give myself a stern talking to, that "NO I cannot keep them all", and other such things as "Now you know you bred these to sell DON'T YOU" and I tell myself "If I can just keep another white one.....or a brown one...or isn't that a lovely colour variation." The excuses go on...and on. I am definitely a lost cause. 

I saw someone in that shed with some food!

Thank heavens I have a patient husband is all I can say.

Here are some of my latest adoptees, kindly supplied with my thanks, from Jean and her husband Steve.

Speckled Hybrid with Crest coming up
Legbar based hybrid

Three of the latest batch

Friday, 13 September 2013

NEW Easier Booking for our Courses

Good News!!!
We have managed to get a simplified booking form so you can book quickly and easily on any of our courses. Get to it from this link BOOK HERE or indeed from the Courses page itself.
If you have any difficulty with the form please let us know and we can get it sorted for you.

The nights are drawing in rapidly now and your chickens will be laying fewer eggs in response to the shorter days. They might even be starting to look a bit straggly and bald in patches. Don't worry, they will be back to their beautiful selves in about 8 weeks. One thing to watch out for is pecking. Sometimes those blood feathers poking through the skin are a little too irresistible for coop-mates and they may peck them. Have your blue spray handy to disguise the spike. Watch out for damaged quills which may bleed freely and attract more attention. You might have to segregate your girls from each other if it becomes a problem just while the feathers get chance to get more robust. Our Aunt Sally is in solitary at the moment because she just looks like a hedgehog and is luring attention from the other gang of girlies. She is having a particularly drastic moult and for her own safety I have put a temporary area up in the run so she can have a bit of peace. They can still see each other so she won't feel too lonely and ostracised. Poor Aunt Sally!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Happy New Arrivals

New hens nicely settled into their new home with Phil. These are an example of one of my speckled ladies and a black coloured hen. They are 10 weeks old in this picture and 12 weeks old below. Quite adventurous. Thanks to Phil for supplying the pictures.