Wednesday, 20 June 2012

My Sister and Me

My sister, whom I love very much, has told me off for awful spelling. She cannot seem to grasp that technology runs, kicking and screaming, away from me as soon as I come near.  She is the one who has created these web pages. I have just learned to text. Not very well I might add. It takes me hours to do what comes naturally to her. Please stop giving me difficult tasks to do. Dumb it down. I'm not a typist. Or a good speller. Be gentle with me.
All my love
Your thoroughly exasperated sister


  1. Thank you Jane. I will try harder in the future!!

  2. Just arrived home with my adorable Sussex Light and White Star, both bought to keep a lonesome "Red Hen" company, who promptly started to Boss them around the minute they met !!!! There's gratitude for you !! I am once again "hooked" ! Looking forward to adding more to the fold. Forgot to mention Jane that they are my 28th Anniversary Gift !!! Would still love a Burford Brown and we both think we would love to hatch the eggs. Well NOT personally, but maybe Sussex Sally would oblige !


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