Thursday, 23 August 2012

Duckies and Drakes

Our older bunch of two ducks are actually drakes as I suspected.  One is a fantastic Silver Appleyard and he is huge. Much bigger than his parents. The other is a Dark Campbell, but unfortunately he ate something which didnt agree with him and he died suddenly.  My other two duckies are younger and are definitely ducks (female). Drakes are very active in the romance department and are finding these two young duckies irresistable much to their disgust. They quack very loudly when the drake threatens to do the business. I have had to separate them by a low fence to keep them from being abused too much and so they feel safe until they are old enough to cope with the attention. The good thing about ducks such as Silver Appleyards or Dark Campbells is they dont fly so a low knee-high fence or temporary plastic fencing is enough to contain them into a particular area. As the weather this year has been so awful I have had to keep them off the muddier parts so they dont mess up their coop as much and it is healthier for them.

I have come to the conclusion that ducks are indeed stupid, but they are funny creatures though and just as watchable as chickens. They are apt to avoid human contact though unlike chickens, but herding them shepherd style is such fun as they all move like a little army all together all quacking loudly as they go.

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