Wednesday, 28 August 2013

All Quiet on the Western Front

Now that the glorious heatwave is over and we have normal Summer weather (ie mixed and not particularly hot) the chickens are beginning to settle into life and destress. The quantity of eggs is getting better. I managed to get away with no illness.  I have also broken my remaining two broodies India and Aunt Sally. India will sit on anything egg shaped and goes broody very quickly.  She is not great as an egg layer but when she raises some chicks for me, she is perfect and for that reason she is worth her weight in gold.

I currently have chickens at 16 weeks, 9 weeks, 6 weeks and 3 weeks old, and they are coming in with interesting colours. Glamorous Gordon is half Australorp and half Cotswold Legbar and is very thorough at making sure his girls are attended to in the romance department. So thorough in fact that I need to get cracking (excuse the pun) on some chicken saddles to protect the backs of the girlies. I thought a fetching brown vinyl with orange binding and yellow braid would look mighty fine.

We have now obtained a load of Bobby Dusters to apply the diatom powder to your coop. We are selling them for £27 so drop us a line if you would like one. Click HERE

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