Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Updates On the Girls

Wilson Betty and Keppel
Its always nice to see how my girls are doing. I still think of all the hens I sell as my girls. I shouldn't ....but I do. I like to see how they grow and how they look when they blossom into beautiful hens. 

I also love to hear how their new owners feel about them. 

There is one thing for sure, chickens certainly get under your skin. Everyone who has them seems to love them immensely. That is why I am probably a self-confessed addict. Now I breed my own, I have to give myself a stern talking to, that "NO I cannot keep them all", and other such things as "Now you know you bred these to sell DON'T YOU" and I tell myself "If I can just keep another white one.....or a brown one...or isn't that a lovely colour variation." The excuses go on...and on. I am definitely a lost cause. 

I saw someone in that shed with some food!

Thank heavens I have a patient husband is all I can say.

Here are some of my latest adoptees, kindly supplied with my thanks, from Jean and her husband Steve.

Speckled Hybrid with Crest coming up
Legbar based hybrid

Three of the latest batch

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