Friday, 6 December 2013

Ah Bless Em

I thought I would just post a little video of my chicks. They are 7 days old in this clip and you can clearly see them exhibiting their scratching behaviour.  They have been off heat for 2 days and in an unheated room. Even though they are small they can still make a heck of a mess and it keep having to empty the bedding out of the feeder. I think I have cracked the bedding in the water issue with some great new drinkers I got from EBAY. They are fed from an old ice-cream tub as the header tank onto 10mm tubing. They are small but perfect. No drowning issues and I can place them higher and higher as they grow, but the size of the chicks now now means I am going to have to move them elsewhere in a day or so. If you want any of these cute little bundles of scratchiness you can contact us by email here or tweet me @hedgerowhens (you can do it through the widget on the right) or use the contact form on our main site

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