Thursday, 20 February 2014

Mountain of Jobs

Why is it that we always put off the niggling little jobs. Because we always have something more interesting to do I expect. Or we dont want to root round in the garage for that particular tool which is the only one that can do that job. It takes longer to find the tool than it actually takes to complete the job.

Well I was in a right paddy. Things never seemed to get done and just another little job was added to that list which now seemed never ending. I know my life would be so much easier (and more organised) if I could get to grips with this LIST. Well I made a list, and put all these fiddling little jobs on it. It mounted to some 50 items, YES FIFTY. No wonder I was feeling fed up I reckoned. This list has been in existence now for just over a week and the long suffering one (husband) has picked a few items off it and I have been making a concerted effort to bag at least one every day. The list is down to 30 items. It would have been less but we forgot to add a few more jobs which we needed to add as a consequence of finishing others. Isnt that just the way.

Its quite satisfying ticking them off and seeing the list shrink. It is making me more organised too I think. Before I would do a butterfly thing and half finish loads of stuff feeling very busy all day, but not actually achieving my objective. Now I am tacking one to the very end before starting another even though my mind wants to multi-task. This is definitely the way to get things done!

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