Monday, 9 June 2014

Naked Gardening Day- Whatever next (Its quite tasteful but funny)

I was just looking for some information on Phygelius plants to find out if they are attractive to slugs when I found this video it is worth a watch. Dont worry it is not something you will be ashamed of watching. It is in aid of World Naked Gardening Day which was apparently some time in May. I didnt actually join in because unfortunately I missed it. Otherwise I might have been frolicking in the potatoes with the best of em. Plus the fact that the neighbours probably think I am mad enough. Enjoy
If anyone knows if Phygelius is tasty to slugs I would love to know as my slugs have had the most expensive diet known to man (or woman) I have treated them to about £30 worth of new plants this year, all are now dead. I want to grow something pretty, long flowering and I think the slugs have had quite enough.

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