Sunday, 1 April 2012

Glorious day for Chicks

Today the weather is absolutely lovely.  No sign yet of the appauling weather that has been forecast by the gloom and doomers. The chicks hatched by Julie are now coming up to 6 weeks old and are taking over the patio.  She has 14 and doesnt yet know whether they are male or female.  They are a cross between a magnificent Australorp cockerel and either a Cotswold Legbar, a Burford Brown or a Welsh Black. Some are looking quite nice.  A couple have the tell-tale crest of a Legbar but have a black mottled colouring.  Lovely.  The chicks are sunbathing on the patio as the sun comes round.  It is fascinating the way even in such a young bird they learn all the habits of an older bird without even being near one.

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