Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Naming Ceremony for Duckies

As I was selling my duck eggs today, I was asked by one of my lovely regular customers, "How are the duckies doing" and "What are you calling them".  I replied that I didnt know but that I would like to continue on the D theme.  My other ducks are called Daphne and Dilys, so these are going to be called Douglas because I think one is male and the other is possibly a female so she will be Dorothy.  There .... job done.

Daphne is a lovely white Silver Appleyard and Dilys is more true to the Silver Appleyard colouring.  Both lovely ducks.  The drakes are not named because they might become dinner at some stage, but one is Silver Appleyard and the other is Dark Campbell.

I must say that the Silver Appleyard is a brilliant egg layer, they started laying just after Christmas and have laid almost every day since then.

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