Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Hatchlings Galore

We are just listening to the chirping of day old chicks. They have just struggled their way out of their eggs and are just drying off. The ones below are ones that came out first and they are cute and fluffy.

They are very difficult to photograph as they are constantly moving and the flash makes them jump. So this is the best I could do.

Yes I will stop talking - eventually!
I cant stop visiting the incubator to see how many are out now.  It is stopping me from doing the housework as I cant concentrate on anything. This is obviously a job for someone more patient than I am. If you want to reserve our chicks please go to our booking site here Chick reservations

I know I have to part with them but they are soooooo adorable it is very difficult. It is though I laid them myself.

If you would like a chick or an older chicken please contact us here or via our website here  as they grow really fast and we sell out quickly.

Dominant Blue CZ
Dont look at me, I'm shy

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