Friday, 15 November 2013

Egg Trauma

Have you ever thought that everything seems to be going too smoothly and then wallop something turns it into a crisis. Well I borrowed an incubator from Heswall Hills Henporium, because my sister is nice like that, and we were merrily listening to it clicking away and happy in the knowledge that it was taking good care of my eggies. Then the obvious happens, the incubator suddenly loses power. Despite Keiths best efforts of changing the plug and the fuse and fiddling about in the lid, he pronounced it dead, just as I suspected. Now I have to find a home for 48 eggs mid way through their incubation period. I tried the airing cupboard and even with the heating on full the eggs were still too cool. I then decided to try to squeeze them - bearing in mind they are eggs - into my other two incubators which are King Suro's and they rock. I had to take them off the rockers and turn the whole incubator through 45 degrees several times a day. The King Suros did a sterling job of keeping the temperature and humidity right while I waited for my new incubators to arrive via the trusty Royal Mail. A spot of panic buying resulted in an increased egg incubating capacity so now I can do nearly 200 eggs at once. It still remains to be seen whether I managed to save all the unborn chicks, but I am hopeful. Luckily I didnt put all my eggs in one basket!!!

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