Saturday, 23 November 2013

Why my chickens wont put themselves to bed

For over a year my chickens have got themselves to bed at night. They obediently go through the automatic pop-hole before it goes dark and settle themselves in the coop. Now for some reason 3 of my chickens are always outside in the run squeeking when I go in to check they are all in. They all use the pop-hole when they need to go an lay an egg, but when it is bed time, these 3 rascals only see the main door of the coop as the only way to get into roost at night. These 3 are still out. I have tried to remove all the perches from the run, so they should have no option but to go into the coop, but no, they wait by the coop door until I go in and open it up. Only then will they go into the coop. It is positively doing my head in. I might just leave them out all night to see if the next night they are more keen to go through the pop hole to get to bed. Once a chicken gets into a habit of what they do, it is very difficult to change that habit.

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