Thursday, 8 May 2014

Gordon has gone

This should be a sad message judging by the title, but it isnt. Gordon has flown the coop onto pastures new. He has been adopted by a lovely family in Tarporley in Cheshire to keep her garden girls company and in good order. Anyone who thinks that a cock bird is aggressive has not been near to a hand reared bird. Soft as a brush he was. We will miss him I think and my own gang of garden girls are having to find their own goodies. We dont hear the excited calling of Gordon now as he announces that he has found some tasty morsel for the girls to eat. I think it was part of his wooing tactics, "look what I have found girls" then WHAM "you werent expecting that now were you?". A bit crude, but I think the girls fell for it most of the time. I think he was more of a pie and pint sort of bird rather than a crooning latin lover. So efficient was he at finding the worms etc, that he ate very little himself. He took his job as "provider" very seriously indeed. He was not head chicken, that accolade was earned by Isla who was a bit too quick for Gordon in the wooing department. Gordon was quite low down the pecking order as we had a hard time trying to encourage him to eat. He always looked away when the girls were feeding which is exactly what a lowly chicken will do when faced with a heirarchy of high ranking hens. When we brought him in overnight (to spare the neighbours) his crop was virtually empty so he had a good feed up of his favourite grapes and corn and pellets so at least he could keep his strength up for the long round of servicing of his harem which he was absolutely dedicated to. Every 10 minutes, now that takes some doing. Not many males can claim that sort of prowess I think. I really hope Gordon is enjoying his newfound harem and is appreciating a semi retirement.

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