Friday, 9 May 2014

Men versus Women - in chicken terms that is

Further evidence of bonkers chicken lady. Hattie has just had a bath
During my time as a chicken breeder, I always ask my lovely customers, do you know how to pick up a chicken as I like to send everyone away with a way of picking their birds up so they don't cause them stress or injury. I have been very surprised at the result. The answer is usually a no. Even people who have had chickens for ages usually say no, so I am making a point of putting them right. It's my duty for the care of the chicken right? I then explain the intricacies of how you hold your hands, and where the bird goes and how you get the bird from the floor to your hands without scaring them half to death. This is following by some cooing and stroking. During these training sessions I have been pleased to note that although the men are braver initially in picking the chicken up, it is the women who know what to do with their hands. While I am doing this, I treat my customers to some chicken talk which obviously makes me sound completely nuts but is not too way off the mark actually. But before they go, they see how effective it is and they start talking chicken themselves. I then feel happy that not only have I converted a previously sane person, into one who quite naturally wants to talk chicken to relax their birds. I have created a human flock for the newly adopted chicken to live happily with. Every one's a winner.

WARNING....chicken keeping is addictive and likely to make you talk funny......but only in the privacy of the chicken run!!!!

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